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This Free 10 week course is intended for anyone who would like to develop their lipreading skills and improve their ability to communicate with others.

This course will provide you with a greater understanding of the theory of lipreading, explain how confusion might occur and provide effective solutions for common communication problems.

Effective communication is one of the cornerstones of our continued wellbeing, it affects all areas of our lives and allows us to successfully interact with those around us.

Many of us with a hearing loss find ourselves isolated from our family and friends as we are unable to accurately follow what others are saying. This lack of ability to communicate can cause frustration, depression and loneliness and we can become very isolated.

Learning to lipread can help improve our ability to communicate, it isn’t a magic wand but with practice, it can help us to better understand what we see and hear and allow us to regain our confidence and take a more active part in conversation and life in general.

Many people who have a hearing loss naturally lip read to some extent, but formal teaching of lip reading aims to provide us with a larger toolkit of skills and strategy’s to make our lip reading more effective.

The course will cover a variety of subjects including:

  • The theory of lipreading and the lipreader’s alphabet
  • Helpful lip shape groups
  • The importance of context in lipreading – putting two and two together
  • The significance of homophenes and moving sideways
  • Communication Tactics and Repair Strategies

and will give you the opportunity to practise lipreading in a safe and positive environment.

The course will be delivered by our experienced Course Tutor, Tracy Carroll

Date and time to be confirmed, however, classes will be on the same day and time each week for the duration.

This course may be delivered via zoom or face to face depending on demand.

Please Note: Priority will be given to those with a hearing loss.

If the course is delivered via zoom we can lend you one of our tablets for the duration of the course.  These tablets have zoom and email pre-installed so you don’t need to worry about having pre-existing technological know how. We can teach you anything you’ll need to know beforehand, just get in touch.

Just tell us if you would like to borrow a tablet when contacting us to book your place

To register for the course please email us at or phone/text us on 07896342878

Please make sure you provide us with :

  • the name of the course i.e beginners lipreading
  • your name
  • details of any hearing loss

Remember to tell us if you would like to borrow a tablet.

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