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We are now running hearing aid care & maintenance clinics in a number of locations throughout Dumfries and Galloway. Due to Covid restrictions you MUST book a hearing clinic appointment in order to attend these clinics. Here is a link to the clinics.

We hope the booking system is easy to navigate but in case any of you are puzzled we hope the following instructions on how to book a clinic appointment will help.

From any page of our website you will be able to see “Book a hearing clinic appointment” in the very top right hand corner of the page in a green bar. Click this and it will take you to our clinics page.

NOTE FOR DGHHG VOLUNTEERS: Log out of your account before making a clinic booking for a client.

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The choice of hearing aid Clinics

When you click on the “Book a hearing clinic appointment” you will be taken to a page titled “Hearing Aid Clinics”. This page will show you all the clinics we have available and the town they are held in. The pictures show you the venue.

Click on the green “select option” button of the location which is most suitable for you, it will then take you to a page which will provide you with further details regarding the location including the available dates and times. SEE BELOW

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Individual Clinic Details

Once you click the “select option” button it will take you to the page for the individual clinic (see left). You will find text at the top of the page which tells you:

  • when the clinic is open
  • the services we offer
  • what we need you to do to help us when you come to the clinic

Choose the date and time of your appointment

Once you have chosen the location of the clinic you want then you need to pick the date and time which best suits you.

Pick the date first and then you can select the time.

Only times with available spaces will be shown to you.

Provide us with your details

Please complete all the details requested of you on the Booking details page including:

  • Name (both your names if more than one of you is attending)
  • Number of hearing aids
  • Your date of birth(s)
  • A brief outline of the reason for your visit
  • Any accompany person

When you have completed these details DON’T FORGET to click “continue booking” button or your booking will not be valid

Map with address and location of the clinic

We provide details of the address and location of each clinic under the “continue to booking” button.

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To complete your booking

Once you click the “continue to booking ” button it will take you to a page titled “Complete Booking” .

The image below shows you all the information requested . The sections with an asterix MUST be completed.

Note: Your email address will be used to send you a confirmation so please make sure you complete it.

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Creating an Account

We have provided you with the ability to create an account if you want to. Creating an account means that next time you want to book an appointment you won’t need to re-enter all of your address details. Creating an account also gives you the ability to check the details of your booking or to cancel a booking and easily arrange another. More information on how to create and manage an account The post will open in a new tab.

If you do decide to check the *create an account* box you will be sent an email to the email address you have entered as part of your contact details. This email will provide you with a password. NOTE:This password can be changed to one which is easy for you to remember.

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To confirm your booking

Underneath the address details you will see there is a summary of your Appointment details. Please check the details and if everything is correct then click the “Complete your booking” box. Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions as we can’t complete your hearing clinic appointment without this box being ticked.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email shortly after confirming please contact us

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When your booking has been accepted you will receive a confirmation email. If this email doesn’t arrive please contact us

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