This week is Volunteers week, and to mark the occasion we have nominated 6 of our most hardworking volunteers for the VOSCARS (D&G) 2018 awards, hosted by Third Sector, Dumfries and Galloway.

These volunteers were nominated in three categories:

  • Equalities Award 2018 – for their hard work and dedication to creating a more deaf aware community across D&G.
  • The Community Spirit Award 2018 – for their brilliant work helping their local community.
  • Board Member award 2018 – for being a hard working board member.
  • In addition, the whole organisation was nominated for the Community Group Award 2018 in all 4 areas.

Locality events were held on:

  • Monday 4th June for Stewartry – event held in Dalbeattie
  • Tuesday 5th June for Wigtownshire – event held in Stranraer
  • Wednesday 6th June for Annandale & Eskdale – event held in Langholm
  • Thursday 7th June for Nithsdale – event held in Dumfries

The winners from each locality will be invited to the VOSCARS (D&G) 2018 finalists ceremony in Dumfries on Thursday 7th June.