Maintaining Hearing Aids

There are a number of things that hearing aid wearers can do to help care for and maintain their aids. If in any doubt contact our group or Audiology.

My Hearing Aid is not working

  • If you hearing aid does not seem to be working the first thing to do is replace the battery.
  • You can tell if the hearing aid is working if it whistles when the battery door is shut and you hold it in the palm of your hand and close you hand. If you cannot hear it yourself, ask a family member or friend if possible. If you are unsure ask one of our volunteers at our drop-ins.

Cleaning your moulds

  • Clean the moulds with a wet wipe tissue every night. Don’t use chemicals as this can damage it. Use a pin to remove any wax or debris in the channel.
  • Wash the mould once a week in soapy water. The ear mould and tubing should be separated from the aid to do this. It should be left to dry out completely in a warm place, preferably overnight.

Thick Tubing

  • This should be replaced every 4 months, see our drop-in page to find your nearest drop-in.
  • If there is condensation in the tubing you can use a puffer to remove any condensation.

Fine Tubing (Wires and Domes)

  • If you have wires and domes these should be replaced every 5-6 months – see our drop in page to find your nearest drop-in.
  • Wires and Domes should be cleaned regularly, ask our volunteers to show you how to do this if you are not sure how to do this.


  • Batteries should last between 7 and 14 days. Hearing Aids should not be worn at night and the battery compartment should be opened to turn off the aid when not in use.
  • To replace the batteries remember to remove the protective foil and insert the battery into the battery compartment.