Who we are and What we do..........

The Dumfries and Galloway Hard of Hearing Group is a local charity (SCIO) which provides services for people who are hard of hearing.  The group operates across Dumfries and Galloway offering a care and maintenance service of NHS hearing aids and providing support and advice for our Service Users.  All our drop-ins are run by trained volunteers. 

Our aim is to help reduce isolation and increase independence for our Service Users and encourage people who are hard of hearing to get the most out of their hearing aids and any additional support available.

The Service is complementary to the services provided by the NHS and Social Work.

The group is run by a management board with co-opted members from D&G Social Work, D&G NHS and Action on Hearing Loss Scotland.

We have recently introduced a new service for care homes in D&G.  This is a developing service.  See our Care Home Service page for more information.

It can take some time to get used to hearing aids and it can be very frustrating if your hearing aid is not functioning properly because it needs cleaning or the tubing replaced.

We have drop-ins across D&G, which enable people to access a local service rather than having to make a trip or get an appointment in Dumfries or Stranraer with the Audiology Department for basic care and maintenance.

Thanks to the Big Lottery Awards for All Scotland programme, we are able to offer Deaf Awareness Training to groups and organisations.  For more information, visit our Deaf Awareness Training page.

In 2013 we:

  • Ran 316 drop-ins
  • Opened six new drop-ins
  • Recruited 15 new volunteers
  • Had 3446 visits to our drop-ins
  • Maintained 4408 hearing aids
  • Made 162 home visits
  • Supported 56 residents in care homes
  • Trained 13 members of care home staff

Funding primarily comes from Putting You First and this funding will run for two years until November 2014.  To find out more about Putting You First, please visit the website at www.puttingyoufirst.org.uk